Tread Depth – What is the law?

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The legal minimum tread depth for cars is 1.6mm in a continuous band around the centre three quarters of the tyre. Should you be found with tyres below the absolute minimum, then you receive a maximum of 3 points on your license and up to a £2,500 fine (£5,000 in the case of a goods vehicle). The easiest way to check your tyre is with the 20p test Take a 20 pence coin and place it in the tread of the tyre.  If you are unable to see the outer rim around the edge of the the coin, then chances are it is above 3mm.  If you are able to see...

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Importance of Tyre Pressure

A common mistake made by vehicle owners is not regularly checking tyre pressures.  Ideally you should be checking the pressure of your tyres at least once a month. Pressure should always be checked on cold tyres and with a reliable tyre pressure gauge.   Why is checking tyre pressure so important?   Safety (Incorrect pressure will affect braking and grip) Tyre life (Incorrect pressure will increase wear) Fuel Consumption (Under the correct pressure will increase your fuel consumption)   When checking your tyre pressure, it is always good to check the tread and condition. You should get any cut assessed by a tyre specialist.  Any bulge indicates internal structure damage...

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